domingo, abril 29, 2007

new7wonders - Alhambra (12th century) Granada, Spain - Alhambra (séc. XII) Granada, Espanha

Mohammed I, the first king of the Nasriden – a Moorish dynasty in Granada - converted a 9th-century castle into his private royal residence, and it is this which we now know as the Alhambra. The structure, which covers an area of 13 hectares, is renowned for its stunning frescoes and interior detail. The building is one of the finest examples of Moorish architecture in the world and is among Europe’s most-visited tourist attractions. MORE

Video: Alhambra - Granada, Spain - Espanha

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  1. I was there... and it's BEAUTIFUL =)

    Un abrazo! :)

  2. Magnifique, j'aimerais bien aller passer quelques jours de vacances là bas !

  3. Another interesting post on a great blog!
    Keep up the good work!